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Prices and Currency

Published prices and final invoices are in Euro. VAT tax is included.

Product Availability

Items featured on the web site reflect the actual availability of the item in color and size. Once the order is processed by the Orders Department E-BONADEA.EU reserves the right to re-confirm the availability of the merchandise, verify the transaction’s validity and check the Client’s record with E-BONADEA.EU. Clients will be informed if for any reason the item ordered is not available or if the order cannot be processed as per the Client’s request.

Products and Images on-line

Bona Dea  declines every responsibility that, due to a particular configuration of a client’s computer or to malfunction, the colors of the products visualized on the web site could appear to be slightly different from the original. Images on belong to Bona Dea trade mark and any unauthorized use of these images without the express written consent of Bona Dea is forbidden.

About Us

E-BONADEA.EU is  an authorised retailer of Bona Dea trademark in Europe in the online selection. guarantees the complete authenticity of each and every item featured.


Narva mnt.7, VI korrus, kab.643
Tallinn, Estonia
Info: +372 58877755
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